Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Moin Moin

MOIN MOIN from Kiel asked me to do a shirt with a puffin! i just finished this little gentleman.
They are going to print the shirts on their own so if you want to score one, head over to their facebookpage and preorder it. As far as i know, they will only print the amount of preorders so make sure to tell them your size! - Oi!

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Mnmnts Reviews

Also there were plenty of good reviews for the Mnmnts record over the last months, so my work was now in almost every "important" german music zine (except the mighty METAL HAMMER...)

Review taken from TRUST ZINE

Review taken from VISIONS (they have only written about the artwork, I am not even sure if they have listened to record, but thanks a lot for the great review of the artwork!)

Review taken from OX FANZINE

Schreng Schreng & La La

A few weeks back I did the artwork for SCHRENG SCHRENG & LA LA. It was a last minute job and i totally forgot to post it here! The artwork is based on a shirt design i allready posted some time ago. Now there is a really nice review of the record in germans music zine INTRO.

Lizards Have Personalities/Orion Pax/Viceversa/Caitlyn Bailey-4 Way Split LP

I was working on the artwork for a 4way Split record between awesome bands like Lizards Have Personalities, Orion Pax, Viceversa & Caitlyn Bailey. Unfortunately it seems that there won't be any physical copy soon, but you can download it anyway for free here! All the bands are really amazing and i truly hope that there will be a label putting the record out someday!

Montag, 19. September 2011

Mnmnts shirts

The last piece of merch for the upcoming tour. We also ordered light blueish girlies and dark grey shirts. Pictures will follow and I will update the online shop soon. Until then, come to the dates below and say hi!

30.09 Darmstadt
01.10 Weimar
02.10 Leisnig
03.10 Berlin **
04.10 Hamburg * **
05.10 Kiel **
06.10 HELP!!!
07.10 Braunschweig*
08.10 Recklinghausen*

* w/ torpedo holiday
** w/ trainwreck

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Mnmnts Patches + Bags

The Mnmnts reprinted the tote bags with the bird/skull design.

I also just finished this Artwork for some patches for the upcoming tour.

You can get both at the shows, i am gonna be at most of them, so swing by and say hello.
After the tour they will be sold through the mnmnts online store.