Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

"If you celebrate it, it's art - if you don't, it isn't."

Lately i got the chance to do draw a huge piece on a wall. The feather is done by me and the typo is done by Sascha Timplan. - It was part of an exhibiton by Kai Merker and took place inside the walls of a new dance club in Trier. Although it's name VILLA WULLER is pretty stupid, the club is done totally DIY style by close friends, who put so much more effort in it then you could ever imagine! I only can bow down for all the passion and effort everybody put in to it! The "Villa Wuller" will open it's doors next weekend, so go there and support it, if you come to Trier.

photo by Michael Mietzner

You can check it out at the wardrobe! More pics to follow!

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Julia Diederich hat gesagt…

oh man, ich bin so sascha fan! aber benni, dein fan bin ich auch, weißte ja.