Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Back from the Tour with the MNMNTS

I just came back from the most amazing ten days ever with the lovely MNMNTS. Not only was I able to catch up with so many old friends - I met a bunch of amazing people, which I allready miss! First of all Jonas, the most humble guy in the world, who jumped in for Seb, who couldn't join the tour. Without him, there wouldn't have been any tour. Also our tourmates TORPEDO HOLIDAY - keep them in mind, they are brilliant and real cuties! Not to forget the youngbloods from ASLOV KINSKI. They made me feel and look really old, but it was so much fun to hang with these kids. Last but not least: TRAINWRECK. If you ever have the chance to see them play a show - Do it!!! One of the most incredible livebands around and real sweethearts!

I updated the MNMNTS WEBSTORE with tourleftovers: new shirts, finally some patches and even reprinted bags!

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