Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

Shirt/Distro Blow Out

Finally I got a new printing studio! Now i need some cash for supplies!

Head over to the STORE: Both shirts are on sale for 10€
Also here's a list of my vinyl distro, if you're interested, hit me up benedikt.demmer(at)web(dot)com

From this Day on - Wounds 3€
FPCKK - Fluchtpunkt Individuum 3€
Fuck, Wolves! -und zwischen all unseren Trümmern und Traumgebilden 3€
New Wave Blasphemy 2€
Only for the sake of aching/Kias Fansuri SPLIT 4€
Suckinim Baenaim/Batalj Split 4€
The Rätz - uniformed youth 3€

Actress - Glacier (discography) 8€
A Fine Boat that coffin 8€
Arktika - Heartwrencher 8€
Amtrak - Bleipony 5€
Burial Year - Pestilence 10€
Crowskin/Black Freighter 10€
Cobra Noir - Barricades 8€
Captain, your ship is sinking - cross your fingers for the epiloque 10€
East of the Wall - Ressentiment 2LP 15€
Fake Problems 8€
Ghostlimb - Bearing & Distance 10€
Hero Dishonest - When the Shit hits the man 8€
Isaiah - Ils consomment: tuent et prient mais ne pensent pas 10€
Kokomo - If Wolves 10€
Radare - Infinite Regress 9€
Rambo - wall of death the system 10€
Titan/June Paik split 8€
Mount Logan 8€
year of no light feat Nadja/ machu picchu mother future split 6€
VA.: Connections: Hiro, Dodewaard, Amalthena, Arse Moreira, Eucalypt, Orbit Cinta Benjamin

Tapes (all 4€):
Black Freighter discography
Freiburg - High Five Zukunft
Henry Fonda - play fast drive slow
Mnmnts - The Good life
Steve Austin
Texas Instruments
The Gentle art of chokin
VA: This is Hirse
VA: Marcellos Mixtape

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